WRL Licensing requirements

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WRL Licensing requirements

Postby Joey » Tue May 03, 2016 9:15 am

WRL is not a crapcan/entry-level series and does not allow pure novices on track. Drivers with no experience on a race track are encouraged to go to a local HPDE where they can receive proper instruction on driving a car at speed on a track, which will make them safer and faster drivers.

The goal of our requirements is to field teams with experienced drivers who know what to expect and how to behave on a race track around cars "driven in anger". This makes our races safer in general, and helps reduce unnecessary/avoidable car-to-car contact.

There is no license card at this time, all driver data is kept in WRL's Go2Grid database.

Competition license
Any major road racing sanctioning body's competition licence issued within the past 5 years is accepted by WRL, including SCCA, NASA, PCA, BMWCCA, NARRA, SVRA/CVAR/RMVRA and other major Vintage, IMSA and FIA

High Performance Driver Education (HPDE, DE)
1. Any instructor for a structured HPDE program is eligible for a WRL license
2. Drivers that are rated for Open Passing or Advanced are eligible for a WRL license. See form here http://racewrl.com/pdfs/CDI_approval_license.pdf
Recognized HPDE programs include PCA, BMWCCA, Just Track It, Track Guys, Driver's Edge, Hooked on Driving, NASA, and similar. Track-based programs that do not offer at least 2 full days of right seat instruction before going solo are not recognized.

Momentum Performance Driving Academy (WRL HPDE)
Drivers completing the Competition License track in WRL's Momentum HPDE program are eligible for a license.

Licensing programs
Completion of licensing programs offered by SCCA, Skip Barber, Bertil Roos, etc. are accepted with at least 2 days of track time (lapping, HPDE, TT, race, track day, etc) after completion of the program

Chumpcar, LeMons or other entry-level racing experience
A driver having 8 or more hours of seat time in budget/crapcan racing, or a combination of solo qualification in HPDE and at least 4 hours of budget/crapcan racing is eligible. Note that because there is no training/instructional requirements in LeMons/Chump, you may be asked to complete a check ride during the track day prior to the race.

Other Experience in Organized Wheel to Wheel
WRL may accept the following experience on a case by case basis:
1. Kart racing with a major sanction (multiple years)
2. Motorcycle road racing competition license with a recognized sanction

WRL does not accept the following areas by themselves as sufficient experience to grant a road racing competition license:
1. Autocross
2. Amateur oval track racing
3. Drag racing
4. Boat racing
5. Racing experience programs (i.e. Richard Petty, etc)
6. Non-instructed track days

Note that WRL takes driving on track seriously and will ban drivers and teams if they are caught falsifying driving credentials for the purpose of putting an unqualified driver on the track during a WRL race.
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Re: WRL Licensing requirements

Postby Luckyontheducky » Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:27 pm

Where, and in what format, do I submit my experience info for consideration?

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Re: WRL Licensing requirements

Postby Joey » Thu Jan 05, 2017 2:06 pm

Budget racing experience needs to be documented and submitted to race@racewrl.com
Club or pro license - show license card at event
HPDE - go to www.racewr.com, hover over the "Rules" tab and select "Forms" There is an instructor sign off form that can be submitted
World Racing League is America's Best Endurance Racing Series
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