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Postby Joey » Sun May 14, 2017 10:09 am

Starting in 2017 WRL teams must provide their own transponder. This should be the MyLaps X2, or previous MyLaps versions made for auto racing like the Flex unit. There are also older versions that may be marked with the company's previous name - "AMB".

The new X2 units are chrome or black with a silver label. All older AMB/MyLaps units for cars are red. Yellow is for karting and will not work reliably with our system.

Transponders must be mounted as low to the ground as possible with a clear, unobstructed view of the track.

The new X2 unoits do not shop with clear instructions. The following may help.

Make sure the transponder is activated and charged. There are different flash patterns that tell the unit's status.

No flash - no power or not on
Fast, continuous red flash (2x second) - charged but not activated by MyLaps
Slow, continuous red flash (1x second) - charging
Green flash - Active

If the new X2 uses the same flash codes, it will flash green "X" number of times, pause, and repeat. The number of flashes between the pauses is supposedly the number of days that charge is good for. Example, 2 green flashes/pause/2 green/pause means you have about 48 hours. A fully charged unit should flash green 4 times and repeat.

Note - you cannot charge these weeks before the event, put them to sleep, and expect them to retain the charge. Always charge them on the Wed before the race.
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