Tech bulletin from MyLaps on the new X2 transponder

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Tech bulletin from MyLaps on the new X2 transponder

Postby Joey » Wed May 17, 2017 9:13 am

NOTICE! If you just bought the new MyLaps X2 Transponder, MyLaps is issuing a bulletin on defective batteries:

"Dear Partner,
It has come to our attention that some of our Rechargeable X2 Transponders are not working according to the MYLAPS standard. We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused.
What is the issue about?
Analysis shows that even after thorough testing of the battery, in rare cases some of the X2 Transponders malfunction, due to a mechanical breakage within the battery.
How can I identify this?
First check if your X2 Transponder has an active license and is charged.
After confirming the previous step, there are 2 ways to identify the issue:
1. Connect the X2 RaceKey to the X2 Transponder. If the charge LED on the X2 RaceKey goes green immediately (instead of blinking red), the X2 Transponder has the battery malfunction. Click here for video instruction.
2. Keep the X2 RaceKey connected to the Transponder while charging for at least 2 minutes. Remove the X2 RaceKey from the Transponder: if the Transponder shows no power indication from the M8 connector (which is at the top of the Transponder), the X2 Transponder has the battery malfunction. Click here for video instruction.
1. If you have a Direct Powered X2 Transponder connected to an external battery, the issue doesn't occur
2. The quality of our X2 infrastructure (Servers, Decoders, BaseLinks) is not affected
What is MYLAPS doing to resolve this?
We are working both internally and with our battery supplier to pinpoint the exact reason for this rare malfunction. In addition to these important steps, we are identifying and testing alternative battery types.
What can you do in case you have a malfunctioning X2 Transponder?
In case you have an X2 Transponder with the described battery issue, MYLAPS will replace the affected X2 Transponders free of charge as part of our warranty policy.
Please fill in our support form or contact your local office for further information.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused!"
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