Where: Austin, TX
What: HPDE, 50-minute SpecChallenge race and two 8-hour endurance races
When: December 1-3, 2017
Who: 90 Race Teams, 120 HPDE cars, new SpecChallenge group!
Why: Whether you're racing for the championship or just want to race on America's F1 track... This is your opportunity!

Join World Racing League for our Performance Driving School on Friday and stay to race (or watch) Saturday and Sunday as teams battle it out over 8 hours each day.

The US Endurance Championship (USEC) brings teams together from all over North America in a bid to win the National Title in each of five classes. Saturday's race is a heads-up, wheel to wheel championship race with the class winners crowned after the checkered flag. Sunday's race is considered an exhibition race with trophies awarded in each class (1st-3rd) and counts toward the season points championship, but is not part of the National Championship race.

USEC Qualifications:
Any team is eligible to participate and race for the podium in their class. Only teams that have earned points in a previous WRL race in 2017 are eligible to win the USEC Ring.

Performance Driving School (PDS) is World Racing League's HPDE program, where drivers can learn and hone the skills necessary to drive any road course at speed, in a controlled environment where safety comes first and fun is a close second. This PDS will be structured around 5 run groups - Blue, Yellow, White and Instructor. Sorry, there s no Novice group for this event. Those practicing for the race over the weekend will run in the 5th group (Practice). Format will be the standard Performance Driving School "double session" schedule offering each driver 6-8 sessions for the day.

SpecChallenge is a new program that allows drivers of spec-class cars to race for 50-90 minute rounds before or during the main WRL endurance race. This is the perfect program for those who want more track time but don't have or want to put together a team of drivers and pit crew. Check it out here! For the USEC Weekend at COTA, WRL is inviting drivers of the Spec Racer Ford to compete in a 50-minute feature event before the USEC Championship race. Come see these great cars race, you'll be hooked!

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Sat & Sun, Dec 2-3
Register by Oct 28: $2200
Register by Nov 18: $2350
Race Practice: $300/team
Click Here to Register
Click Here for Practice Schedule
*Race fee includes garage
Friday Dec 1
Register by Nov 18: $400
At the track: $450
Click Here to Register
Click Here for Run Group Schedule
Click here for rules and tech sheet
Saturday Dec 2
Register by Nov 18: $550
At the track: $650
Includes practice and qualifying on Friday
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Gates open 5:30pm

Performance Driving School
Check in 6p-8p
@ Team Building 2
(Behind Garage #4)

Practice Check In 6p-8p
@ Team Building 2

"Intercomp Weigh In" 6p-8p
@ Garage #1
  • Safety and classing inspection
    Gates open 6:30am

    Performance Driving School
    Check In 6:45a-7:40a
    @ Team Building 2

    Safety Worker Meeting 7:00a
    @ Medical

    Driver's Meeting (ALL) 7:30
    @ Media A

    Hot track 8a-noon, 1p-5p

    USEC and SpecChallenge
    Practice Check In 6:45a-7:40a
    @ Team Building 2

    Race Check In 5p-7p
    @ Team Building 2
  • Captains Check in
  • Gear check

    "Intercomp Weigh In" 4p-8p
    @ Garage #1
  • USEC Safety and classing inspection

    Driver Meeting/Social 5:30p
    @ Media A
    Gates open 6:30a

    Safety Worker Meeting 7:00a
    @ Medical

    SpecChallenge Race
    Cars on Grid 7:45a
    Pace Lap 8:00a
    Race 8:05a- 8:55a

    USEC Championship Race
    Cars on Grid 8:55a
    Pace Lap 9:10a

    Green Flag 9:15a
    Checkered 5:15

    Impound and Awards 5:30p
    @ Winner's Circle (Pit Road)

    Gates closed 10pm

    Race Director: J. Todd
    Chief Steward: D. Schrader
    Timing: D. Smith
    Gates open 6:30a

    Safety Worker Meeting 7:00a
    @ location TBD

    USEC Points Race
    Cars on Grid 7:30a
    Pace Laps 7:45a

    Green Flag 8:00a
    Checkered 4:00p

    Impound and Awards 4:30p
    @ Winner's Circle

    Paddock clear 7pm

    Race Director: I. Mayberry
    Chief Steward: D. Smith
    Timing: J. Todd


    On-Site Tires will be in the paddock. Pre-order your tires from On-Site Tires and they will deliver to COTA for less than than you'll pay at TireRack and elsewhere. On-Site will be at COTA Friday through Sunday. Give them your support!
    Tires - Mounting - Balancing - Nitrogen
    720-410-7007 or
    Wine Country Motorsports will have a trailer full of equipment at the track including OMP. If you need gear, get it from Wine Country. Call to pre-order, or stop by their mobile store located by the Media Center and Food Pavilion
    Redfin Seafood Grill will be serving breakfast and lunch Fri - Sun by the Food Pavilion. Not your usual track burger!
    COTA Merchandise will be available at the Grand Plaza, go to Gate 15
    Observation Tower will be open but the elevator is out, you will have to use the stairs


    For those unfamiliar with the PDS rules, or if you are looking for the tech inspection form, please click here. Make sure you print out the run groups schedule the night before arriving, located here. Your run group will be called to grid on the PA system but coverage is limited.

    Click here to access parking maps and info

    Due to race team load-in, garages will not be available for this event. Please bring a pop-up.
    Open Trailer drop off is in the SUPPORT PADDOCK


    • GRID will be on pit road at the Black Flag canopy. Please line up “2-wide”and follow the grid marshal’s instructions
    • Follow the designated path on the attached map for accessing the paddock and Grid. Red line designates the return path from hot track to your paddock space. The green line represents the path from paddock to Grid. Do not attempt to enter Pit Road at the South gate by the medical center.
    • You must have the colored sticker corresponding to your run group on your windshield and wear the gate and any other wrist band given to you in order to go on track
    • Any driver who spins or goes 4 wheels off, including 4 wheels over the curbing, pylons, cones or paint will be black flagged. Repeat offenders will lose their wristband
    • Car to car contact will result in all drivers involved losing their wristbands
    • Pit road speed limit is 30MPH. No exceptions
    • NO NOVICES ARE PERMITTED for this event
    • No passengers in any car except instructors
    • NOTE that drivers are solely responsible for any damages caused to the facilities, including barrier damage, oil on the surface, etc. Damages are easily avoidable by staying in control and on the track.

    Passing zones - This is “contract passing” for all groups including race practice groups. You will not pass unless the driver ahead gives you a point by. Drivers not pointing faster traffic by will be black flagged.
    • Blue - T20-T1 (front straight), T11-T12 (back straight), only after a point by
    • Yellow - Anywhere except T3-T9 and T13-T18, only after a point by
    • White/Instructors - anywhere, only after a point by
    • Race practice - anywhere, only after a point by (this is PRACTICE)
    • The areas marked “HPDE PADDOCK” will become available for general parking after 5pm on Friday.






    All USEC cars will display the Maxxis series sticker, available at Check In

    Click here to access parking maps and info
    Please note that open trailers need to be dropped off in the SUPPORT PADDOCK on the other side of the fuel pumps. Not in the main paddock.

    Do not start or run engines in the garages! Cars will be pushed into and out of garages.
    There are three, 20’ x 65’ garages to a bay, all three of the garages are open to each other inside the bay (the bay itself is 60’ x 65’). WRL has purchased enough garages for each team to have 360 sq ft of covered space (approx. 32’ x 10’ each). That’s 4 cars to each garage. How you use the space is up to you. Garage assignments have been changed due to COTA requirements to support another event. Please see the updated plan. We will lose four of the spots that we are using on Sunday, if those 4 teams are still racing Sunday they will need to move to open spots left by those who do not continue into Sunday's event. WRL Staff can assist. Stay in your assigned space, do not occupying garage space not assigned or you will be charged the daily rate of $1000 for that garage. Yes, that really IS the daily rental rate. “Occupy” includes parts, tool boxes, jugs, chairs etc. Please keep unassigned areas clear.
    Click here for USEC garage assignments

    • Thursday gate time has been moved to 5:30pm
    • Everyone entering must sign the waivers and wear the appropriate wristband issued at the gate at all times.
    • Inspections for cars and gear will start and end at the times listed in the schedule. Please do not wait until the last minute to get in line!
    • Please make sure you have read or reviewed the 2018 rules.
    • New teams must fill out the driver roster and disclosure sheets that were emailed to your team captain
    • Returning teams only need to fill out the roster and disclosure forms if there are changes to the roster or car
    • If your car has not been classed, or needs to be re-classed, proceed to the scales area for the Intercomp Weigh In, and from there you will meet with a steward to go over your Disclosure Sheet and class your car

    WRL no longer rents, nor loans transponders. You must provide your own. Subscription models start at $160 from your favorite retailer. A transponder is part of your equipment, just like your engine, transmission, etc. WRL is not responsible for failures. Please ensure that we have the correct transponder number for Timing and Scoring!

    You will be responsible for damage you cause to the facility, both on and off the track. This is generally not an issue but you are being advised of track and WRL policy. Note that damages are easily avoidable by staying on track and following WRL rules.

    • All teams entered may earn a WRL trophy by finishing 1st-3rd in any of the classes is each race
    • Trophies and other awards will be presented after each race. Podium cars will impound on pit road, stewards will pull out cars for dyno testing and weight at their discretion.
    • Other awards will be presented as appropriate including contingencies, participation and other recognition

    WRL continually gets positive feedback from tracks about how polite and professional our teams are on and off of the track. Please help us keep that reputation! When you leave the track - please leave your pit, paddock and garage space free of debris, spills, car parts and trash. If it came in with you, it leaves with you. Respect the facility and what it means to motorsports, ensure that you and WRL are invited back.

    Leave no trace that we were ever there!

    • RVs and CAMPING - Tent camping is not allowed at COTA. You may stay overnight in your toter, RV/motorhome, or trailer. The primary team vehicle/rig for each race car may be parked in the paddock but there are no hookups. If you want power or water for your RV, contact COTA (, 512-201-5193) and rent an RV space overlooking the back straight. If team members/families are bringing their own RV’s they must park in the RV parking area along the back straight, reservations required.
 - Guests may attend by signing the waiver at the gate. Any track mandated entry fees are the responsibility for the guests.

    • TEAM GUESTS - Please have guests stay in the garages, paddock or other “spectator areas” as designated by the facility. Unless otherwise directed by signage or staff, all guest vehicles should be parked in spectator parking or on the pavement. Do not park in the grass anywhere at COTA.

    We will have up to 88 cars on a 1100’ pit road, which means we will have to share pit boxes. We will assign multiple teams to each 40' pit box. Assuming that all teams will not be pitting at the same time, this should work out fine, as all races have in the past. PLEASE NOTE that these rules have changed as of Nov 28, 2017 due to circumstanced at the track:
    • There will be a concrete pit wall erected on pit road.
    • You may put your pop-up canopies on pit road in the cold pits and set up on Friday
    • Do not drive in the Left Lane on Pit road. Stay Right, against the track wall unless pulling into pit box or garage
    • No repairs on pit road. Pit Road is for fueling, driver or tire changes and air/oil check only
    • Cars will be safely supported on jack stands before any work underneath the car in garage or paddock
    • No smoking in buildings or on Pit Road. No grilling in the paddock.
    • Absolutely No fueling or fuel storage in the garages.
    • Speed Limits: Pit Road 35 MPH. Paddock 10 MPH
    • Stop at pit out COMPLETELY every time
    • Drivers must have current helmet sticker to go on course
    • Restricted areas: No one under 16 permitted on pit road. No non-competitors on the pit road side of the garages
    • Pit bikes/vehicles: No one under the age of 16 is permitted to operate a motorized vehicle at COTA. Anyone operating a motorized vehicle of any type must have a valid driver’s license. No children on bicycles in the paddock, please.

    • Oil Dri or kitty litter, broom
    • Non-spill catch pan for fueling
    • WRL-legal fuel jugs, NO LEAKS
    • 10lb fully charged fire bottle

    • Two-way radio comms with car
    • Chairs
    • Sun Block and weather gear
    • Water and snacks
    • First Aid Kit

    WRL Tracks Driver Behavior on Track

    WRL records drivers’ on-track behavior in a database, including passing under yellow, unsafe driving, contact, etc. This is your racing license. We use the data to identify habitual offenders because we value your safety, your equipment and the integrity of WRL and the sport in general. Do not argue with the officials, they are following instructions of the chief steward based on information received from corner workers, safety crews and other race officials. If a worker or official sees something it will get called in to Race Control and you will be black flagged. If they miss you doing something wrong, you got away with one. 

If you see unsafe or unsportsmanlike behavior on track, feel free to report it to officials. While we do not penalize based on reports from other racers, we WILL pay specific attention to the team or driver in question. Again, this is for safety and the integrity of WRL.
    Bottom line: This is not entry-level budget racing. We intend to preserve the reputation of clean, professional racing that you helped build!

    Read the 2017 WRL rules posted on Sorry, but ignorance of a rule is not an excuse. The info in this section is in addition to, or to reinforce, the published rules.
    • Race will be counter-clockwise
    • Race clock will run continuously from Green Flag. Checkered flag will be shown to the lead car on its first lap through Start/Finish after time expires.
    • WRL Grid: Cars should be placed on pit road in a double-wide formation, leaving a lane between each pair of cars. Do not grid until directed to do so by race officials.
    • Start: Double-wide rolling start behind pace car. Field set by class - no qualifying. Grid order is GTO, GP1, GP2, GP3, GP4.
    • Pace Car: Any time the pace car is on track with lights on, drivers will follow the pace car wherever it goes (including on to pit road), unless you get a waive-by by the Pace car driver or a course marshal.
    • There is no maximum stint limit. 2 driver minimum for this event
    • Headlights: Headlights will be turned on at sunset. Marker/Rain Lights will be used if it is raining and/or the track is wet.
    • Sound limit: 103 dbA, and you must have some form of muffler (see the rules)
    • Car to car contact: Contact is not permitted. All drivers must allow each other racing room at all times, give the cars around you a lane to race in.
    • Cars involved in contact may be Black Flagged regardless of fault
    • Drivers causing or initiating contact may be placed on probation
    • BLOWN MOTORS/DRIVETRAINS AND OIL - Expect that if you oil down the track, you may receive a bill for oil dry and treatment of the surface. If you blow a motor, trans or diff - SAFELY GET OFF OF THE RACING SURFACE IMMEDIATELY! Please do not make us shut down the event because you spread oil a half mile down the track.
    • Red Flag: Come to a SAFE stop on either side of the racing surface. Remember there may be cars behind you, give them time to react. All work on pit road and in the garages comes to a stop, no exceptions. Pace car will pick up the leader and bring the field on to pit road. Cars will park on pit road, no work of any kind will be allowed. Drivers may exit the car. Race Stewards will advise teams on status.

    1. Leaking jugs are a fire hazard. Fix them before the race. Note the new catch pan rules (2017 Rules)
    2. Engine must be OFF before fueling
    3. Full fire gear and helmet for everyone over the wall during fueling. All face shields down. NO SNEAKERS!
    4. Only ONE fuel bottle in the pit box at a time. No staging of fuel bottles on hot pits.
    5. Fuel bottles not being used in the hot pit will be behind (not on) the pit wall.
    6. 5 team members max in the pit box including the Fireman with 10 lb. ABC fire bottle standing ready
    7. Fireman should be approx 10 ft. from fuel port, facing oncoming traffic if possible. Do not get too close.
    8. No working on car with gas cap off, no tire pressure or tire temps, no staging jacks, tires or tools. CoolShirt, driver water and radio adjustments are allowed
    9. Use WRL-legal catch pans with absorbent, clean up all spills IMMEDIATELY. Over pour from the catch pan will be disposed of properly
    10. There is no minimum time on pit road. However, showing up at Black Flag not ready to go on track = penalty

    As a road racer in World Racing League you are expected to know and understand the Rules of the Road. Violation of these rules may result in Black Flag penalty, probation and/or ejection from the series.
    • Passing: You are responsible for planning and executing a safe, clean pass. Give others Racing Room.
    • Being passed: Hold your line, be predictable. Give a point-by if possible. Give others Racing Room.
    • Racing Room: Give the other cars around you enough room on the paved surface to safely maneuver their car without coming into contact or leaving the racing surface. In other words, everyone gets a lane to race in.
    • Slower cars should stay on the racing line and be predictable. Faster cars should plan to pass off-line unless otherwise pointed by the driver of the other car(s)
    • Dive-bombing: Attempting to pass another car by out-braking them into the corner and taking the inside line/apex away at the last second. This is a Black Flag offense, especially if other cars have to suddenly alter their line to avoid you.
    • Blocking: Altering your line with the expressed intent to prevent a faster car from passing. Altering your line once is racing, altering it multiple times with faster traffic behind is blocking which is a Black Flag offense.
    • Passing under Yellow: There is no “giving back” an illegal pass. Pass under yellow will be penalized.
    • Spin: Once you lose control of your car, engage the brake and the clutch until the car comes to a complete stop. DO NOT allow your car to roll across the track.
    • Two- and Four-wheels off: Lift, steer straight and bring the car back onto the racing surface gently and predictably. No sudden brake or steering inputs.
    • Re-entry: after spinning or leaving the racing surface, you are responsible for clearing traffic before re-entering the race.
    • Mechanical failure: Immediately move your car off-line. If your car will not make it to pit road, make sure you do not stop on the racing line, especially apexes and track out areas.
    • Emergency vehicles (EV): You may pass EVs safely, single-file, on the opposite side of the track. Look for hand signals from the EV. You may not pass another vehicle while also passing an EV.

    Who owns the line?
    No one “owns” the racing line. You own the space your car currently occupies. As a general rule in turns, if a car has established position next to the other car at or before turn-in, both cars will give each other racing room. This applies whether the car is on the outside, inside, middle, etc. WRL considers a car having “position” in relationship to another car if its front axle is in front of the other car’s rear axle.

    You are responsible for knowing and heeding flags. In particular:
    • Standing yellow - caution, incident off of the racing surface, beware. No passing
    • Waving yellow - SLOW DOWN! Incident on the racing surface. Extreme caution. No passing No passing under yellow from the first station displaying the yellow flag until you pass the incident AND do not see a yellow flag at the next manned station.
    • Red flag - come to a safe, controlled stop on one side of track and await further instruction.
    • Open black - report to Black Flag Station immediately. Do not send teammates to the Black Flag station, do not stop in the pits or paddock before stopping at Black Flag.
    • Black Flag All (All stations) - all cars off course, follow the car in front of you onto Pit Road. No passing.
    • White – EV or slow vehicle on course, pass with care single file, give wide berth and be safe. WRL takes buzzing the EV’s very seriously. 


    2016NASA Rocks
    Elan NP01 #16
    SLS Racing (O)
    Porsche Boxster #336
    JCD Bimmerspeed
    BMW E346 #188
    Rock Steady Racing
    Mazda Miata NB #40
    Mazda Miata NA #3

    (O) = Overall winner based on combined finishing position, two races

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